We Can’t Decide If Pepsi’s New Flavor Is A Good Idea – You Be The Judge

Summer is on its way, and a lot of cool new products are hitting grocery store shelves. From new Oreo flavors to Bob Marley-inspired ice cream, you’re bound to find something that’ll become your new fave. But first, are you team Coca-Cola or team Pepsi?

If you love Pepsi, you’ll probably have a lot to say about the new limited-edition flavor coming to stores nationwide this summer. After releasing a hot new Slurpee flavor at select 7-Eleven locations earlier, Pepsi has made the flavor into a soda, and we’re not too sure how we feel about it.

In the past, Pepsi has challenged Coca-Cola with its lime, vanilla, and blue Hawaii flavors, but is their new one taking it a bit too far? You be the judge.

Food Instagrammer Eric Koenreich gave the slushie version 5 out of 10 stars, and other people are giving the drink a bad rep on social media, saying it’s “gross” and “#toolit.”

“I’ve had a lot of bad memories with Fireball Whisky,” Eric said. “And unfortunately this tastes very similar to Fireball Whisky, albeit without the booze. It’s not something I want to drink sober, anyways.”

Pepsi flavors in JapanPinterest/Japanese Kat

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PepsiCo is making Pepsi Fire a thing, and we imagine the soda tastes like something between cinnamon and Red Hot Tamale. For some people, it sounds like heartburn in a can.

Like it or not, cans and bottles of the stuff are coming to store shelves near you. Cans and bottles of the blistering beverage have already been spotted and they’re likely to be around until the end of June 2017.

Pepsi is calling their new cinnamon-flavored soda the “hottest drink of summer,” and I’m sure you’ve got something to say about that.

It’s fine. You’re on fire. I’m on fire. We’re all on fire.

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