Shoppers Baffled When This An Otter Wandered Into The Store

When you go to your local super market, you expect to pick up bread, eggs, maybe grab a light bulb or check out the latest movies on the shelf. You don’t expect to see a wild animal roaming around the halls!

Shoppers at a Tesco store in Castlebar were surprised when a wild otter got disoriented and entered the store. Or maybe he just needed some new socks, who knows.

The otter likely traveled from the nearby Lough Lannagh, but would have had to cross several busy roads to make it there. He got through the parking lot, and through both sets of automatic doors before wandering around the aisles for several minutes.

One customer decided to help the distressed otter out and get him back to the water. He scooped up the otter and wrapped him in his sweater, not without a few bites for his trouble, and carried the otter back to the water.

“The poor little guy was very difficult to hold. He was squirming and was clearly very distressed. But I knew if I dropped him anywhere short of the lake he’d be close to traffic,” said the man who rescued the otter.

He ended up needing a tetanus shot but is glad that he helped out. The otter was happy to be back in the lake and headed into an area of reeds.